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Invest. Earn. Develop

Bullionaires is an NFT project on the greatest blockchain in the universe - Solana. Our members receive generous passive income and benefits by simply holding their Bullionaires NFT.

Mint an NFT

Members only Discord Server

Experienced Team with a track record of investor satisfaction

Holders have voting rights to spend minting revenues and royalties

Why Join?

Bullionaires is a tiered NFT Collection comprising of 50x Black, 100x Gold, 350x Silver and 500 Bronze - Holders of higher tiered NFTs will earn greater rewards.
Our team has a track record of delivering healthy returns for our holders. We use our experience and analytics to create successful roadmaps and execute them as promised. 

All holders will receive weekly passive income for holding!

What We Offer

Native Token

$BULLION has a total supply of 500M, We will use deflationary tokenomics and burn supply each month. We will burn 50% of the supply in the first 12 months.

NFT Staking

Bullionaires Holders will have the ability to stake their NFT to earn $BULLION. $BULLION liquidity will be created using minting revenue and market sales.

Ongoing revenue streams

In addition to our minting revenue and secondary sales we have pre-approval to integrate our token to an existing Solana Casino, of which the casino will take a 20% fee and the remaining 80% will be deposited directly into the liquidity pool and rewarded via Staking

Future Collections and Collaborations

Bullionaires will release further collections and they may be minted using both $BULLION or Solana. We have also secured some big name collaborations which will benefit our holders and project in general.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the mint price?
1.2 SOL
Where can I mint?
Utilise the "Mint an NFT" button at the top of the page
What are the Secondary Marketplaces?
We will be listed on Magic Eden immediately after the minting period, We are also applying for Opensea.
When can I stake my NFT?
Staking is live already! You will be able to stake your Bullionaires NFT immediately after the minting period.
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